Fixed Point Theory

Lecture: 1

Speaker: Wahid Ullah, University of Trieste, Italy

Abstract: This lecture on “Fixed point theory” will be for the Bachelor (last year) and Master students. I will start this talk from a well-known Banach contraction principle together with some history behind it. I will try to discuss some steps required for the proof of Banach contraction principle in brief. After that, I will talk on some active research topics in the field of metric fixed point theory which will be of more interest especially for research students. There are two types of generalizations of the Banach contraction principle. Some people generalize metric space, where they introduce new metric type spaces, while others extend the idea of contraction. I will try to discuss some of these generalizations in detail.  


Lecture 2: To  be added

Lecture 3: To be added 


Lecture#1 August 19, 2023. 11AM Central Europe Time