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To promote significant and exciting areas of Mathematics that may not be widely taught in universities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and other developing countries, we offer introductory courses. These courses aim to familiarize students with the fundamentals of these Mathematical areas, enabling them to prepare for research in their preferred fields of Mathematics. (read more...).

We assist recent graduates and final-year students from developing countries in securing master's and PhD scholarships in Europe and America. We share available scholarships and offer guidelines for the application process. Additionally, we have compiled a list of popular scholarship websites for the convenience of aspirants (read more...). 

In some developing countries, many fascinating areas of mathematical research, such as differential geometry, algebraic topology, calculus of variations, etc., are uncommon due to the shortage of specialized teaching faculty. As a result, students may not be aware of the breadth of exciting mathematics available. To address this gap, we invite experts to give introductory lectures, exposing students to these unfamiliar mathematical domains. These efforts aim to broaden students' and the public's understanding and appreciation of diverse areas of mathematics (read more...).

We provide short research projects and reading courses on advanced topics to students from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria who have no prior research experience. These reading courses in advanced topics are designed to help students prepare for research in their preferred areas of Mathematics (read more...).

We have recorded most of our recent talks and lectures, and have posted on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to our generous team members who have supported, with their personal salaries, many deserving students in immense need (read more...).

We are inviting volunteers for our new activity called "Maths Volunteers (MV) Maths Club". The primary goal of this is sharing your ideas or ideas that you found interesting (read more...).

These students will undergo various training in scholarship applications, soft skills, and core topics in mathematical sciences (join us as student representative...

We understand that college students struggle in finding best mathematics programs in universities and also students enrolled in BS Maths in colleges are less aware of the opportunities. This service is dedicated to inform and empower such such students. You will be helped in university admissions, requirements and test preparation resources (read more...).

We sometime organised in person workshops. You may request us on themathetf@gmail.com. To see our past in person workshops click here

We have collected resources for mastering Data Science with Python, R, and MATLAB! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder, our special collection of links, free courses, and tutorials will help you unlock the full potential of these powerful programming languages (read more...).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Maths Volunteers activates or you want review your documents (CV, Cover Letter, Motivation Letter, Statement of Purpose etc). You can reach us on our social media platform or write a direct email to us on themathetf@gmail.com. If you want to meet for a video meeting then Book an Appointment. Please write a direct email if you have a small query. We regularly share updates in our public WhatsApp group

We strive to empower students to achieve their goals through a variety of initiatives. Our activities extend beyond those mentioned above. Click here to explore the full range of services and activities offered by our foundation.