invited talks

Most interesting Mathematical research areas, such as differential geometry, algebraic topology, calculus of variations, etc., are uncommon in Pakistan due to the lack of teaching faculty specialized in these areas.  This way, students in Pakistan do not know what type of exciting mathematics is out there. To introduce students to these areas of mathematics, we invite people to give introductory lectures and expose students in Pakistan to the mathematical world they have not seen or even heard of.  After attending these invited talks, if many students want to learn more, we offer short courses to let students pursue their passion in their favourite piece of mathematics.

Please write to us at for the link for upcoming talks.

NEXT Talk: Action of groups and Homogeneous Spaces (April 20, 2024)

Geometry of Manifolds and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem (March 30, 2024)

Evolutionary games on graphs (october 21, 2023)

The Multi-Armed Bandit Problem (September 16, 2023)

Trophical convexity and phylogentic tree (August 26, 2023)

 Fixed point theory  (August 19, 2023)

Algebraic Geomerty (Lecture-II)  (July 15, 2023)

Algebraic Geomerty (Lecture-I)  (July 07, 2023)

Evolutionary graph theory-I  (June 24, 2023)

Insights on fundamental models of fluids (May 27th, 2023)

Correspondence between lie groups and lie algebras (April 29th, 2023)

weak and weak* topologies (April 1st, 2023)

Adaptive dynamics and G functions: basic principle to structured population  (March 4th, 2023)

Mock Test for Lectureship Positions in Mathematics (February 4th, 2023)

The test will be held online via an app. The participants will be able to see the questions on  their computer (zoom) screen and answer it on their phone in the assigned time.  Each question will be explained by our panel. The participants will be able to see their own score only. At the end top five participants will be displayed on the screen.

Scholarships Hacks (November 12th, 2022)

Qs & As session for masters and PhD scholarships (August 06, 2022)

basic analysis of nfts market (July 23, 2022)

Calculus of variations-I (July 02, 2022)

Solving logistic model in MATLAB (July 02, 2022)

graphs and their applications (June 25, 2022)