Invitation: Become a Speaker at Maths Volunteers

Are you passionate about sharing your expertise in mathematics with eager learners? Maths Volunteers invites you to become a speaker at our upcoming sessions! As a foundation dedicated to advancing education in mathematical sciences, we aim to break down barriers and inspire the younger generation in developing countries. We offer a platform for speakers to present fundamental talks or research discussions at our monthly sessions or maths club meetings.

Whether you specialize in mathematical modelling, machine learning, algebra, geometry, topology or any other mathematical field, we welcome you to share your insights with our enthusiastic audience. Our sessions provide an opportunity to engage with students and professionals alike, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Feel free to scroll through our past short courses and single talks to get an idea. 

Monthly Sessions:

Maths Club Talks:

If you're interested in becoming a speaker, please reach out to us at Let's work together to empower the next generation of mathematicians!