Maths Volunteers

Making the walls in mathematics and the young generation fall 

The Maths Volunteers is a foundation dedicated to promoting education in mathematical sciences .  We strive to empowers others to achieve their goals and maximise their potential. All our services are free.

We are recruiting new volunteers. See details.

We offer free online short courses to expose students to different areas of mathematics.

We offer reading courses in advanced topics to help students prepare for research in their favourite area of Mathematics.

We also help recent graduates and final-year students from developing countries to secure master's and PhD scholarships in Europe and America.

To communicate mathematics to the general public, we organize public talks on mathematics.

Thanks to our generous team members who have supported, with their personal salaries, many deserving students in immense need.

We have recorded most of our recent talks and lectures, and have posted on our YouTube channel.

The Maths Volunteers is a collective effort of the management team, lecturers, associate members and our kind guest speakers. 

These students will undergo various training in scholarship applications, soft skills, and core topics in mathematical sciences 

These are the blogs written by  Maths Volunteers Students Representatives (MVSRs) as part of their training at Maths Volunteers.  

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